The Ontario Provincial Police is appealing to the public for any information regarding a recent crash in Middlesex-London involving a vehicle and a cyclist, which claimed the cyclist’s life. Car accidents involving bicycles and/or pedestrians still continue to be an issue on Ontario roads. An OPP spokesperson said the female cyclist was riding in a southern direction when hit by a southbound vehicle.

No charges have been laid in the incident. Police are working to notify the victim’s next of kin. They continue to investigate. Victims in Ontario car accidents caused by another person’s negligence may be entitled to financial relief. Although negligence is sometimes difficult to prove, a lawyer experienced in personal injury law will be able to assist victims and guide them through the process.

Also, families in Ontario who have lost loved ones as a result of car accidents may be able to pursue claims for financial relief. These funds could help with expenses like funeral arrangements. A personal injury lawyer can help surviving loved ones to seek compensation for emotional damages due to negligence of another party that has been proved.

The help of a lawyer will prove invaluable. He or she will go through all the evidence and get in touch with witnesses, obtain medical records and make sure everything is done to get fair an adequate compensation for victims and/or their families. Although loved ones cannot be brought back who lose their lives in car accidents, a compassionate lawyer will help their families get some closure and compensation for thei tragic loss.

Source: globalnews.ca, “Middlesex OPP ask for help identifying cyclist killed in Ilderton crash – London“, Aug. 2, 2017