• Sam took the time to explain and walk me through every step of the process.

    Sam Pitaro and his team helped me through one of the most difficult periods in my life. I was involved in a car accident that left me with injuries and chronic pain. Never having been in this situation before, I found dealing with insurance companies, doctors, and rehabilitation centres a daunting task. Sam took the time to explain and walk me through every step of the process. He was professional, knowledgeable and confident, and fought tirelessly to ensure I was compensated for the injuries I sustained. I felt that Sam genuinely cared about my case and wellbeing. I want to thank the entire Romeo Pitaro Schneider team for all their help along the way.


  • Domenic is friendly. He never gives us an impression that we are bothering him. He is warm-hearted.

    When my sister was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and suffered multiple substantial injuries a friend referred us to a personal injury lawyer who is very reputable and highly respected by others in the field – Domenic Romeo. We truly appreciate his effort, the wealth of knowledge and his professionalism in taking care of my sister’s case. He always returns our emails within 24 hours either to provide answers to our enquiries or to make recommendations or to inform us of his next action even when he was out town taking care of his other clients’ needs. Domenic is friendly. He never gives us an impression that we are bothering him. He is warm-hearted. He sincerely cares about my sister’s injuries and her progress. He takes her case seriously. He goes through each & every document from different sources. It is impossible for him to remember the details on top of his head considering he has so many cases & clients, yet he can name pieces of information and can quickly locate the related document at once. He has different networking resources that offer great benefits to my sister during her recovery process. They all have the same work behaviour and attitude just like Domenic. All in all, our family is so lucky to retain Domenic as our lawyer. Without his personal involvement, I don’t think my sister would be able to recover to a stage where she is at now. Thank You Domenic.

    Patricia H.

  • Without Sam’s help, I would not have reached fair monetary compensation.

    With appreciation and sincere thanks for all Sam Pitaro has done in my car accident case. I suffered injuries which cost me my physical and emotional health. Thank you for the professional management of my case, which included overcoming obstacles created by the opposition. Without Sam’s help, I would not have reached fair monetary compensation. After being rejected two times for CPP Disability Benefits, Sam appealed in my name to the CPP Review Tribunal. The result was a success. Once again thank you.

    Jolanta M.

  • We always had full confidence in your ability to resolve our case.

    Dear Sam,

    We are writing to sincerely thank you for representing us over the last several years. We always had full confidence in your ability to resolve our case to our satisfaction. But what impressed us most about you is how empathetic, yet professional you were throughout our meetings. You always listened to our concerns and treated us with such respect. Your reassuring manner helped us through the meetings with the opposing lawyers which at times we found stressful. Thank you to you and your staff for all your work in reaching a final settlement.

    Bill and Jeannine Traynor

  • We appreciated that you were straightforward about expectations.

    Dear Mr. Pitaro,

    Thank you so much for your professional and knowledgeable assistance in settling our case. We appreciated that you were straightforward about expectations and that there was always a fast response from you or your staff to any questions or concerns we had. Your explanations about what would occur at each stage gave us confidence in meetings. Again, it was a pleasure working with you.

    Mr. and Mrs. S

  • During my case, he worked very hard, and he never missed a small detail.

    I am very satisfied with Sam Pitaro’s work. During my case, he worked very hard, and he never missed a small detail. He did much investigation which was very important to the case. He talked to many witnesses and found a lot of facts that we didn’t know about it. Finally he turned the case to our advantage. He forced the responsible party to make proper compensation. He also gave me so many options and much advice that my parents and I could easily understand to pick the one we like.

    Xiao P.

  • I found Sam and his staff to be honest, trustworthy, diligent and always ready to listen to the client.

    On November 27th 2008 my world was turned upside down by a driver not paying attention to her surroundings. With multiple fractures in both legs I knew I would need monetary assistance if I was to recover some independence. When I first met Sam Pitaro I didn’t know what to expect from the process, but I quickly learned he was my best advocate. Sam took the time to explain the fundamentals of my case to me and prepare me for the long legal journey. I found Sam and his staff to be honest, trustworthy, diligent and always ready to listen to the client. I would not hesitate to refer Sam to anyone.

    Jackie L.

  • Sam was very dedicated to my case, and looked out for my best interests.

    I am pleased to give Sam Pitaro an excellent recommendation to anyone who is in need of a personal injury lawyer. He stands head and shoulders above other lawyers I have met. Sam was very dedicated to my case, and looked out for my best interests. He is very good at what he does and impressed me and my family with his honesty, professionalism and knowledge. He always ensured that my questions were answered accurately and in a timely manner. Again, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

    Mary Theresa T.

  • Through this letter, I would like to appreciate you for following my file and supporting me through this rough journey as I believe that it was impossible for me to do it without your help, experience, and knowledge.

    Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to express my feedback about Mateen who was in direct contact with me throughout those days.

    Mateen cares about her clients and it is very important for her to make sure that they are well understood. She even takes more time to explain a topic when she realizes that the client is not very oriented. I found her very accurate and helpful. Mateen contacted me back shortly when I left a message for her, and answered my questions one by one. Also, she tries to help her clients as much as she can. Her customer service, which plays a key role in her job, is wonderful. I had a lot of problems, especially during the first days, but she did her best to help me and explain the steps. I would like to congratulate you for having such a nice employee and appreciate her for her help.

    M.V. Richmond Hill

  • My husband was rear-ended in an accident. We were introduced to Domenic to represent us legally. From day one I knew he was a good person. He was empathetic to our situation. He demonstrated knowledge of the law, his work ethics were remarkable. He never made empty promises, nor tried to deceive us. He explained that the journey would be long and tedious but he would be there with us every step of the way. That promise was genuine, and that he kept. He always responded to our calls in a timely and knowledgeable manner. At my husband’s first hearing he was there punctual as always, he realised my husband was nervous he did everything in his power to ensure he was calm, and walked every step with him through the process. He has a team of remarkable lawyers that work with him. At the second hearing he sent Mr. Ali. he was calm, respectable and honorable. Like Domenic he was transparent and accountable to us. He walked us through the process and ensure we were clear on all the issues being discussed. Last Thursday was another hearing, Domenic called me on Wednesday afternoon indicating he had another pressing matter to attend out of town. He assured me we would have good representation at the hearing from a dedicated member of his team. I trusted Domenic 100%. My husband was disappointed and skeptical, Domenic grew on him he was looking forward to having him there. When we arrived we were approached by a young woman, indicating she was there to represent Domenic. Before long we realised that Domenic’s choice was impeccable. Mateen was comforting. She was knowledgeable, asked all the right questions and brought clarify when we were confused or did not understand something. She was patient, empathetic and kind. She kept asking for our input in the decision making process. We worked as a team that day. Domenic was only a phone call away and was consulted as needed. To be honest I would recommend Domenic Romero and his team to any and everyone requiring legal representation in any matter. He will guide you to the correct path. Thank you Domenic, Ali. Mateen, and all those ladies who work behind the scene, taking messages, answering the phones, and relaying messages on Domenic’s behalf. We thank you all. God richly bless you all and family.

    W. & M. Awong

  • Mateen,

    Where do I start with the accolades you and your firm have provided me during my case. From the very start, Romeo Pitaro was there for me during my case.

    From the initial consultation to the final mediation, you and the firm have been with me along the whole progression of my case. Dealing with a small boutique firm made me feel involved and part of process, instead of just a case number.

    You kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and there was never a need for me to follow-up.

    I have said it before and will say it again, if I ever need services of a law firm again, Romeo Pitaro is the only choice for me. You don’t get lost in the process, everyone in your firm from the receptionist to the law clerks to the lawyers to the owners, make you feel comfortable and are concerned about the person not just the case. I will be referring your company to anyone I know, who may need the services of your law firm.

    Romeo Pitaro is a friendly, warm and comforting environment unlike other law firms. I felt very welcome and the staff are concerned throughout the whole process.

    W.C. Richmond Hill

  • I am very pleased with the decision to have hired Mateen Pourgol for my personal injury case. Mateen’s professionalism, expertise, attentiveness and friendliness was outstanding. From the moment I obtained her as my lawyer till the very last day of my case, she was able to answer all my questions, keep me informed and advised me throughout the whole process. After a horrible accident, it was a refreshing experience to have a lawyer understand my needs and get me the results I needed. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service I received and she was able to get far more from my settlement than I expected. I would highly recommend Mateen Pourgol for any personal injury matters. Her knowledge of the law, professionalism and attentiveness is truly impressive. I would absolutely use her services again if the need arises.

    R.D. of Toronto

  • I would recommend a friend or family member to Mateen Pourgol of Romeo Pitaro law firm. I was treated with much respect and confidence from the beginning. I am very thankful and appreciative. I highly recommend this firm to everybody!!

    S.P. of Toronto