Many of our clients have suffered serious accidents. Others are dealing with severe illnesses. For many, returning to their pre-accident lives will not be possible for a long time, if ever. Many will need extensive lifelong assistance for medical care, rehabilitation, personal care, transportation and other needs.

At Romeo Pitaro Injury and Litigation Lawyers, we know that being able to support yourself and your family is of vital importance, and part of your identity and self-worth. Being too injured or ill to support yourself physically or financially is devastating.

Insurance and disability benefits allow you to maintain your dignity and independence.

However, navigating your way through the process of getting those benefits can be difficult when you’re already under stress from your personal injury, illness or recovery. And if the benefits offered are not enough to cover your needs, or are denied when you need them most, it may be almost as traumatic as the injury itself.

Types Of Benefits

If you are injured, the main kinds of benefits you may access are through private insurance or through the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

  • Short-term disability benefits generally cover up to six months off your job, though policies vary. At the end, you are eligible to come back to your job or a similar one.
  • Long-term disability benefits usually cover up to age sixty-five if you are unable to do any work. If you recover, you may come back to a similar job.
  • CPP disability benefits can be difficult to qualify for– you must be completely disabled and unable to work any job, including a job that is below your qualifications or in another location.


Some clients are told that they are not considered disabled, or that their particular injury or illness is not covered. Many force themselves to go back to work despite their disability and pain, and damage themselves further.

At our office, our lawyers will:

  • Examine your insurance policy and explain what benefits are available to you
  • Ensure that your benefits are not denied or delayed because of administrative errors
  • Explain terms such as own/any occupation, and determine whether you qualify as “disabled” according to your policy and your job
  • Help you with denials, determining why you have been denied, helping you through the appeals process with insurance, and representing you in court if necessary