Drunk driving puts in harm’s way everyone unlucky enough to be out when a drunk driver is behind the wheel.

If you are injured in any accident, even one that is your fault, you are entitled to certain benefits to help pay for your medical treatment and lost income due to time off work. However, if you are injured due to carelessness, recklessness or crime, you may also be able to claim damages against the other driver.

Whether you are another driver, pedestrian or bicyclist, if you are a victim of a drunk driver, you should not have to pay for his or her lack of concern for others. As much as possible, he or she should help pay for your recovery.

If you are a family member of an accident victim who has died because of a drunk driver, nothing can replace your loved one, but we can ensure that your family is not financially devastated during your grief.

Holding Drunk Drivers Responsible

In 2010, MADD Canada estimated that more than 63,800 Canadians were injured in accidents caused by drunk or impaired drivers. This means that, on average, approximately 175 injuries were caused by impaired driving each day.

At Romeo Pitaro Injury and Litigation Lawyers, our lawyers know that any accident can be emotionally devastating. It can be even more devastating to know that your accident is due not just to human error but to deliberate breaking of the law.

Drunk driving accident cases have a number of special characteristics. For example:

  • A thorough investigation must be carried out to prove the other driver was drunk
  • Ontario’s justice system is pursuing zero tolerance for drunk driving and distracted driving, which may help your case if the driver has been convicted of driving while intoxicated
  • As many people who drive drunk have done so before, the driver who injured you may have a record, which may help your case
  • Whoever served the drunk driver, whether bar, restaurant or homeowner, may be held partly responsible for their conduct
  • If your accident was caused by a truck or commercial vehicle driver who was intoxicated, his or her employer may be held partially responsible