Any injury can be devastating if it limits your capabilities or your ability to work or support yourself. Any injury which changes you permanently can affect your self-esteem, confidence and independence.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can do all of that and more, because your very identity and personality may change. Everything that makes you who you are can become dramatically different in an instant.

Following a head injury, you may face many challenges in your work and personal life due to difficulties with:

  • Concentration and learning
  • Remembering information or tasks
  • Reading and writing
  • Speaking
  • Understanding social interactions
  • Controlling your actions or emotions

Brain Injury Losses In The Past, Present And Future

Injuries to the head can be among the most complicated and difficult to deal with. Calculating your exact losses may not be easy, and may require working closely with doctors, accountants and other professionals.

When you speak to us, we will calculate a number of losses. The first will be medical costs and lost income from your time off work occurring immediately following the accident. We will also calculate the cost of rehabilitation and care needed while you continue to recover.

Perhaps the most difficult losses to calculate will have to do with the future, such as lost potential income. Even if you are able to return to work, a brain injury can profoundly affect your ability to work up to standard, deal with frustration and get promotions. If you are plagued with chronic headaches or other physical effects, your ability to work consistently may also be affected.

These cases can take longer to resolve than other personal injury cases. It may take a few years after an accident to determine how much of your previous abilities you will be able to recover. It’s usually better to wait until you are sure of the extent of your losses rather than trying to resolve the case too quickly.