Variations in Agreements and Orders

Once a divorce or separation has become finalized, there are some cases in which your personal or your ex-partner’s situation has changed. This can cause both parties to review the previous arrangement established for child custody, spousal and child support, or property division.

At Romeo Pitario Litigation and Family Law Lawyers, we can help clients that need assistance with creating a new arrangement regarding their divorce or separation case. There are many factors that can impact the revisiting of these finalized cases such as;

  • A drastic change in a spouse’s income or earning ability. This could be due to them losing their job, getting injured, getting a raise or reaching a higher education.
  • There is a change in the needs of the child i.e the child being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
  • A spouse is cohabiting or remarries another person.
  • A child becomes an adult and is no longer dependent on those payments.
  • There is a change in where the child lives. For example, when a spouse chooses to relocate with them in their custody.

Approaches to Making a Post-Separation or Post-Divorce Modification

We at Romeo Pitario Litigation and Family Law Lawyers, are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help you achieve a mutual agreement regarding the post-divorce and/or separation.

If both partners are not civil with one another or if they are unable to agree on modifications that need to be made, then we suggest that they look into mediation that has a neutral third party. It is a more affordable method to help resolve issues.

If the mediation process isn’t successful, then both parties are able to go through arbitration or have a court make the official changes necessary. It is important to note that these approaches can be expensive and we suggest discussing what would work best in your interests with a lawyer.

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