Child Support Rights and Opportunities

By law, children are entitled to financial support from their parents or guardians. When parents separate or divorce, they must come to an agreement towards child support.

Child support or maintenance is the amount of money that a parent must provide to financially support their children after separation or divorce. According to the law, the parent in which the child(ren) lives in the most is entitled to child support. Therefore, the money must be given to that parent by the other parent. If the child(ren) spend equal amounts of time with both parents, then the parent with the higher income usually pays child support.

Determining Child Support

There are two options in which parents can determine the amount for child support:

  1. Parents can come to an agreement together on the amount out of court.
  2. Parents can ask a judge to determine the amount.

Both judges and couples determine the child support amount based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines, and the provincial Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are a set of rules and tables that assist in determining the amount to pay. They take into consideration the income of both parents, the number of children that need support, and where the parents live.

When discussing and determining child support, we advise that you consult with a professional such as a family lawyer. At Romeo Pitario Litigation and Family Law Lawyers, our experienced and skilled lawyers are here to help ease the stress and assist in determining child support.

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