Grandparent Rights in Ontario

Before 2016, grandparents were not given clear rights regarding the custody of or access to a grandchild. Bill 34 Section 21 of the Children's Law reform has provided legal right for grandparents to make a claim for access during custody disputes. The courts are required to take into consideration the grandparents rights when making a ruling regarding what is best for the child.

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Grandparents’ Rights

To clarify, Bill 34 does not automatically give grandparents the right to have access to a grandchild. Rather the court will decide whether giving access or temporary custody to the grandparents is in the child's best interests.

Under the Children's Law Reform Act, these factors are taken into consideration when establishing the best interests of the child;

  • the relationship between the child and the individuals requesting custody and access to the other members of the family living with the child and who has been involved in the raising of the child
  • the child's preferences
  • How long the child has lived within a stable environment
  • Each party's ability to provide for the child and act as a parent

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