Division of Property and Assets

Pursuing Fair Arrangements for Property Division

When a married couple chooses to separate or wishes to proceed with divorce, the law provides for an equalization of net family property. In order to receive a fair division, their value for their property is taken into account as well as how much the value of those properties have changed throughout the course of the marriage.

What Classifies as Family Property?

Anything that has been obtained during the marriage and still exists during the time of the separation can be classified as family property. At the time of the divorce or separation, the division will include the total value of all family properties. Family properties can include a wide range of assets. It can include assets that can be hard to divide equally such as;

  • Private businesses
  • Pensions
  • Stocks

Common-Law Couples & Property Division

In Ontario, unlike married spouses, common-law couples are not entitled to the same rights regarding the equalization of net family property.

Solutions for Your Property Disputes

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