Unbundled Family Law Services

When clients use our services, they will get legal representation from our lawyers who will work to provide aid for them regarding various legal issues relating to their case. However, at Romeo Pitaro Injury and Litigation Lawyers, we also offer clients an alternative where they are able to keep our services on a constricted retainer basis which is referred to as the unbundling of legal services.

We are aware that the cost associated with legal services can be excessively high however, we do know that Canada's legal system can be hard to understand and intimidating to handle on their own.

When clients get the unbundled legal services, they have the option of having legal representation. For clients that want to represent themselves however would like to have legal counsel regarding particular issues, then getting the unbundled services would provide them with a more cost effective method when trying to resolve their case. Our job at Romeo Pitaro Injury and Litigation Lawyers is to help provide assistance where we can at this time. If you would like to discuss your options with one of our lawyers contact our office at (877) 889-8889 to to book a free consultation.

Some of the unbundled services we offer clients are;

  • Drafting services to prepare claims
  • Consultation regarding a particular legal concern
  • Prepping for examinations, mediation, settlement meetings or a trial

Advantages to Retainer Services

Some of the advantages to retainer legal services are the cost and control they offer to clients. In terms of cost, when using unbundled legal services it provides clients with more power over the financial costs involving the case. Clients have the ability to dictate what concerns they need help with and which ones are not required. With unbundled legal services, it also gives the client total control over their case and enables them to decide which issues they would like to negotiate as well as when they want to negotiate them.

Acting as Your Agent & Advisor

When a client decides to go with the unbundled alternative for legal services, their lawyer will be an agent which provides assistance as an advisor. Their lawyer will be able to offer guidance and representation during the case however, court documentation and paperwork from the opposing representation will be given to the client directly. When a lawyer is acting as an agent, they can help to decrease the costs associated with paperwork and offer the client the ability to handle the work associated with the case on their own at their leisure. With unbundled services, there is a greater responsibility placed on the clients and they will essentially be held accountable for their own case.

At Romeo Pitaro Injury and Litigation Lawyers, the interests of our clients are paramount. We listen to their concerns and objectives and make those our concerns and objectives. We are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results as quickly as possible, either by settlement or a trial. From the moment you first contact a member of our team, our goal is to provide you with compassionate, high quality legal service.

Contact our office at (877) 889-8889 to speak with one of our lawyers to book a free consultation regarding the unbundling of legal services.